Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Turbo #0

Juan Rivera, a 20 yr old puerto rican from Freedom City, works as a pizza deliverer for one of the big chains in a less than desirable section of the city. He maintains an sparse apartment, and his big interests seem to be his car and his motorcycle.

During childhood, Juan didn't seem to stand out in any real way. That is, until adolescence, when he showed remarkable innate fighting skills while getting picked on at school. In an effort to keep him from hurting himself or others, his family enrolled him in a private school (which their minority status enabled them to afford through the benificence of others). There, he gravitated to solo athletics such as gymnastics and swimming. He did well, but did not stand out, either athletically or academically.

Juan showed no real interest in higher education, and moved from job to job after graduation until settling into his current employment, which he's held for almost two years now. He has no strong connection to family or friends in the city, and is probably closest to his manager at the pizza place.

He was not "super" in any way until about a month ago. That night, when trying to make a delivery on time (30 minutes or it's free, says Uncle Enzo...) he was in a terrible accident. His car collided with a truck carrying the ASTRO Labs logo and numerous placards identifying all sorts of hazardous materials on board. In the accident, he was bathed in a mix of chemicals and various unknown (or undisclosed) substances. These mixed with the chemicals from his car engine and propulsion systems. After hospitalization, doctors were concerned Juan would never walk again, much less participate in any of the athletics he had enjoyed as a kid. They were suprised when he seemed to recover with remarkable alacrity...

The accident seemed to have given him amazing powers. Juan, for fear of becoming a freak or some sort of lab rat, hid the burgeoning powers he discovered, letting the doctors only see that he had regained his normal health. To himself, he discovered that he could move at superhuman speeds, and that he was tougher than before.

Juan has no real desire to become a star of any sort, but growing up in Freedom City has instilled in him the belief that it is the responsibility of people with powers like he now possesses to become champions of good. So, garbing himself in an all-black combat suit with a protective helmet and a stylized silver gear on the chest, he has dubbed himself "Turbo". He has not yet used his powers in any way in a public setting or to fight evil, but he is just about ready to step up as the newest speedster in Freedom City...

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