Sunday, June 24, 2007

Gray #0

Grayson was a mild-mannered longshoreman at the local port by day, and a successful amateur boxer by night. That was until he was abducted by the unfathomable Mysterions.

Taken to their lair, and transformed into a living weapon to do their bidding, little did they know Grayson's stubborn Scots-irish heritage would manifest itself into a free willed brawler that nearly took apart their secret base underneath the bay, and destroyed all their plans for world dominance.

Now loose in the city, and occasionally foiling Mysterion plots, Grayson still works at the docks, and sometimes even boxes (deliberately "pulling his punches" in a contest of pure skill, so as not to reveal his true character), but his nights are in the pursuit of justice, freedom, and liberty as....GRAY!

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