Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Dragoon #0

Real Name: Bobby Phoenix

Powers overview: Alien gauntlets allow Bob to fly, give him a personal force field, and are capable of firing a ray. Due to his military experience he is a skilled combatant and martial artist, as well as a skilled pilot.

Character overview: Bob doesn't speak too much of his past. But what you do know is that he was in the military and he's alter ego job is as a construction worker. He just moved into freedom city recently, and has immediately made a name for himself. He is a good natured man always with the right things in mind, though at times perhaps a bit to eager.

History overview: A small town guy, Bob joined the military when he was young. There he was trained in the martial arts, and as a pilot with the call sign Dragoon. When he got out he started working construction. During one of his jobs where he was cleaning up after a supervillian attack, he came across a mysterious pair of gauntlets. Much to his surprise, they granted him super-abilities. At first he used them in secret, helping incognito. But as he became used to the hero thing, he decided it was time for an alternate identity. Recently, he has come to freedom city seeking to aid in their time of need.

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