Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Infinity Storm #5: The Lost City

• Real World Date: 12/23/2007
• Game Date: 7/9/2007

Previously the pages of … Infinity Storm

The telepathic teenager Lilly has been drawn into the bizarre otherworldly city of Carcossa after making mental contact with a young boy knocked into a coma by Dragoon, the man out of time. While she desperately searches for a way to return herself and the boy to the real world, her compatriots investigate the mysterious, possibly insane rock band known as the Kings and Yellow.

And now ... Issue #5: The Lost City

Lilly goes to Carcossa. She finds the boy, sees the crazy hospital and the Victorian architecture, gaslit streets, and the all-consuming mists which swirl around Carcossa. Also see great lake, and a palace, that may or may not be on the edge of the city.

She talks to the boy, says she’s trying to get him back. She hears the distance sound of a loud and raucous.

Our Heroes

• Paladin, the Techno-Knight
• Dragoon, the Man Out of Time
• The Indomitable Gray
• Lilly, the Spirit of Youth


• Power points earned: 1

* * *

Back in the city, Paladin runs scans, determines temperature is dropping fast. Informs Dragoon what’s happening, tells him he doesn’t believe in supernatural, it’s just meta. Suddenly, ghost manfists, says lilly is missing. That he must stop the ritual…

He says he doesn’t believe it was a ghost, instead it’s a meta who can phase.


He gives a communicator to the nurse, who informs him she’s summoning Dr. Tanner.

He then summons Grey and Dragoon.

Dragoon goes to Vito the Squid down at an illegal gambling bar. Negotiates with Squid to take a fall in a fight (pissed off a lot of mafia people winning the other week). Squid tells him the ship their stuff in via road freight into the wharf district, then have porters who carry it over to the college.

* * *

Gray and Dragoon try and figure something else.

Dragoon starts researching on the web.

Dragoon finds out that they’re at American College in Washington D.C., before that at Baltimore, before that Columbia.

In Carcossa
Lilly hears voices calling her to some location. She chooses to follow the voice, sees shifting door way.

July 10, 2007

The next day they call American College to find out who is handling the shipping for the Kings in Yellow.

• Call Wyrmbury associates, and gives number.
• Leaves message saying lost shipping information, will get back to him.

“I know what you’re trying to do, Mr. Bobby Phoenix. And you would do well not to interfere in what you do not understand.”

Dragoon goes to Enterprise and rents a truck, to drive to freedom city. Takes superhero damage clause. Arrives on campus, starts talking with Public Safety. Secretary gets suspicious after giving plans.

Freedom City Designs.

Finds entry. Sally Camstock. Went Missing in Arkham. Finds missing girl in Baltimore Morgue. Seems she’s been murdered, stabbed five times to the chest, breaking her heart. He also finds several code names on the server:

* Morgan
* Ghoster
* Dreamer
* Draconis

He also discovers that the Boston Transport Co. handles all of the bands shipping.

In the other world, Lilly gets lost in Labrintyth. She meets a man, who gives her a bottle. She asks if she opens if, if he will leave. There is no evil. Just knowledge and how you choose to use it. She opens her bottle.

Paladin does a search for “queens” turns up the Hellqueen. Finds that she’s in Providence Asylum in Royal Port. Paladin talks with Grey, brain storming.

Wyrmberry calls, taunts Draggon, saying the girl is lost and won’t find her way back in time and that they can’t prevent the queen’s return. Dragoon fills them in on Wyrmbury, tells him about pentagram yard.

Grey and the Sherlock find the discarded side chamber, and the robot opens the door. They go in, find several chests, filled with yellow robes and black candle. Grey wrecks everything.

Lilly emerges from the Maze and 11 hours later and hears the parade closer.

She tries to contact paladin, gets vision of future self who’s seen the hellqueen, whose killed all of his friends.

Finally, she discovers The Portal of Kerdah the Insane. Kerdah is actually the only sane person in Carcossa, constantly searching for a way back to his own time in medieval Arabia. He provides her and the boy with a portal back to the real world, asking only that she help him return home … if she can.