Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Flynn #0

Andrew Kilter (aka Flynn) was a US 2004 Olympic hopeful for the gold in the small world of archery. His father was an executive and his mother had died when he was 10. Andrew’s older sister, Amanda, is the well known one for her 2000 gold medal in figure skating. It is much more impressive than his silver medal. He lost the gold against Germany’s Hugo VonElrich. Hugo is a rival which Andrew will never get to compete against again or the fact that Hugo dated Amanda during the 2000 Olympics.

After the Olympics, the sponsorship monies are ending and America is looking for their next unsung hero in, of all things, archery. After a few movie deals and stunt work, Andrew Kilter is looking for a job and after being an archer, a lot of things fail in comparison.

He fights with just being a ‘normal guy with a job’. Andrew struggles for something to make him larger than life to truly make a difference in the world with the skills that he has.

Andrew found his calling the night he saved a young girl named Shauna Wilson by shooting an arrow out his apartment window at a criminal named Sean Davis. The first arrow skewered through the man’s upper arm and second arrow went through his knee when he tried to run. In return for his kindness, the civil suit for the injuries took its toll.

The good news is the Shauna’s father, Thomas Wilson owns a technology corporation (Wilson Electronics, where he's now a research analyst) which is helping Andrew in his cause. Together they work to Andrew’s goal of protecting the city.


Flynn as he is named wears a black outfit with a series of pockets, pouches, etc. Over his head, he has a hood and a small mask. He carries various arrows, most notably the detach impact (blunt damage / breaks on impact) and the taser arrows which numb the victim. He also carries tonfas which seem to assist in upclose and personal fights.

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