Sunday, June 24, 2007

About the Blog

Infinity Storm is a blog for the Mutants & Masterminds campaign of the same name. The campaign is set in Freedom City in the current era. The blog features campaign news and announcements, background material, adventure write-ups and play-by-post. Posts and comments are limited to members of our gaming group.

The Constant Sentinel is Infinity Storm's in-character companion blog. The Griffin's Crier is the official Web site for our gaming group, the Blackrazors.

Saga Organization

Infinity Storm is organized into volumes, each comprised of 4-6 adventures, and with the entire campaign expected to run three volumes:

* Infinity Storm Vol. 1: Heatwave

It also features stand alone titles for each of the campaign's heroes, which include play-by-post actions done between or perhaps even during regular campaign adventures.

* Paladin, the Techno-Knight
* Gray

Contacting Us

Questions about this blog or the campaign can be sent to Ken Newquist at

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